Can Voluma® Make My Face Look Fuller?

By: Dr. Paul K. Holden


Aging is a natural part of life, and one of the most common and earliest signs of aging to appear is the loss of facial volume — particularly in the cheeks. As cheeks become hollow or sunken, they can add years to your appearance. However, there is a solution that can restore that youthful plumpness to your cheeks — Voluma cheek fillers. At Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Paul K Holden and our dedicated aesthetic team help Scottsdale, AZ, patients regain their youthful facial shape and fullness with a complete range of dermal fillers, including Voluma for the cheeks.

Why are my cheeks starting to look hollow?

The loss of facial volume, which is relatively common and particularly noticeable in the cheeks, can occur as a result of the aging process, weight loss, and other life events. Several factors contribute to this hollowing effect, including:

  • Decreased collagen supplies
  • Facial fat loss
  • Change in bone structure (loss of bony material)

Could my sunken cheeks be making me look older?

Sunken cheeks can indeed contribute to an older and more tired appearance. When the cheeks lose their volume and begin to sag, it can result in deep facial lines and wrinkles, making you look older than you feel or actually are. Restoring fullness to the cheeks can significantly rejuvenate your overall look and help you appear more youthful overall.

Which filler can help plump up saggy cheeks?

Voluma is a highly effective filler for plumping up saggy cheeks. This popular cheek filler is a part of the JUVÉDERM® family of dermal fillers and is specifically designed to restore volume to the mid-face region. Voluma is composed of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance found in the skin that helps maintain hydration and fullness. When injected into the cheeks, Voluma replenishes lost volume and lifts the skin, providing a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

Will cheek fillers help me look younger?

Cheek fillers can be an excellent addition to your anti-aging aesthetic routine. By addressing the loss of volume in the cheeks, these fillers can:

  • Lift sagging skin
  • Smooth deep lines and wrinkles
  • Restore a fuller, more youthful face shape
  • Enhance your facial contours
  • Balance and harmonize facial features and facial symmetry

How long do Voluma cheek fillers last?

One of the most compelling advantages of Voluma cheek fillers is the longevity of their results. For most patients, Voluma results can last for up to two years, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for maintaining your desired look. However, results may vary from person to person, and some patients may experience a shorter or longer duration of effect. If you begin to notice a return of your unwanted signs of aging earlier than expected, Voluma injections can be re-administered at that time to help restore your desired outcome.

Refresh your aging face and restore your self-confidence with JUVÉDERM Voluma in Scottsdale, AZ

If you look in the mirror and feel like an aged version of yourself, your droopy, deflated cheeks may be to blame. Discover how cheek fillers can help to add volume and take years off your face almost instantly by calling Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons to schedule your consultation or cheek fillers in Scottsdale, AZ today.

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