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In the competitive workplace, an increasing number of professional businessmen are consulting with cosmetic surgeons to improve the overall look and feel of their bodies. The Executive Edge is a customized combination of procedures by our board-certified surgeons,  Dr. Holden and Dr.Tsujimura, in Scottsdale,  AZ designed to help men enhance their competitive edge in life and in the workplace with a younger, sharper, more chiseled appearance. Call Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons for a completely confidential consultation.

Suite of Procedures

During the initial consultation, a personalized procedure plan is created with Dr. Holden to meet the patient’s aesthetic goals. Numerous procedures can be combined in the Executive Edge. These can include surgical procedures for a significant effect, eg. face lift, neck lift,  chin augmentation, liposuction and laser skin resurfacing. Dr. Tsujimura can provide slimming body procedures to present a more fit, athletic physique, eg. body liposuction, abdominal etching, male breast reduction surgery.  Nonsurgical treatments offer a more subtle result, i.e. injectable fillers, chemical peels and BOTOX. The Executive Edge was created to restore a youthful, more refreshed appearance through a safe and effective combination of procedures, tailored to your individual desires. 

During/After Surgery

All cosmetic procedures are performed in our surgical facility. Surgery will require monitored anesthesia care (MAC) sedation and a longer recovery period while nonsurgical options will not. Our facility will provide the surgery and facial rejuvenation in one setting, negating the need to have multiple procedures at separate times in different facilities. Patients are encouraged to plan their procedures to allow for time off from work. This way, they can recuperate at home and heal in private. 

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Executive Edge FAQs

Will I Look Plastic?

The goal of plastic surgery is to create a natural result. If you are considering surgery for your face, it is important to find a surgeon who has this precise expertise, as well as a good reputation. Cosmetic surgery, while the most aggressive form of treatment, can create the most dramatic results. A skilled surgeon will provide an outcome that is natural, soft and visibly appealing. 

Facelift at 50?

There are numerous facelift procedures available, and each can be altered depending on age and progression of facial sagging. Some men may feel they need a full facelift, when they only need a forehead lift or a lower facelift. A heavy, sagging neck can be tucked up to give a chiseled jaw line again. In addition, some simply need work done around their eyes. For that, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) may be the right answer. A ruddy complexion can be revitalized with laser skin resurfacing. After a full assessment, Dr. Holden will provide a recommendation that meets the patient’s aesthetic goals.  

Will I Look Younger?

Men with younger competition may contemplate cosmetic surgery to create a younger appearance. Depending on what problem areas are being addressed, cosmetic surgery creates excellent results that allow men to look fresh, awake and alert and alter their body for a more slim and toned appearance. Many of our procedures will simply provide that “glow” many feel they lack. While cosmetic surgery can’t replace the years, it can give patients a boost of much-needed self-confidence to make a positive impact in life.

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