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Millions of BOTOX injections are given yearly in plastic surgeon offices all over the country. At Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons, BOTOX is very popular with women and men as an anti-aging skin rejuvenation injection that treats facial wrinkles without surgery. Manufactured under the name Botulinum Toxin Type A, this agent temporarily relaxes muscles residing under the skin by blocking the nerve impulses. Dr. Holden and Dr. Tsujimura both personal perform BOTOX injections. When done correctly and consistently, BOTOX can eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows and along the forehead, as well as attack crow’s feet and laugh lines. 

Administering BOTOX

BOTOX is administered during an in-office appointment that typically takes about 30 minutes. The depth, length, quantity and location of wrinkles varies for each patient. Therefore, the injection treatment, including the dosage and injection location, is tailored during the procedure. Patients will be marked for the specific areas on the face that are going to be treated. The injection is given through a syringe to localized areas on the face. Patients will feel a small prick as the needle inserts through the skin, but any pain or discomfort is controlled with a cold compress.

What Are the Benefits of BOTOX?

Signs of aging and facial folds can distract from our other attributes, in addition to making us seem more aged than we actually are. BOTOX is a fantastic option for providing you with a more youthful, polished aesthetic. Although the outcomes are not forever, you can enjoy the benefits for a few months before wanting to schedule a subsequent treatment. You may also enjoy extra advantages from BOTOX at Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons, including:

  • Brief appointments: BOTOX procedures can take as few as 10 minutes.
  • Very little downtime or rehab: Because of its minimally invasive qualities, you are welcome to resume your day-to-day schedule following sessions.
  • Very little pain: BOTOX injections utilize a very fine needle, so procedures seem like a small prick of the skin.
  • Easy maintenance: Individuals who wish to keep the appearance semi-permanently can find that follow-up treatment sessions are brief and realistic for day-to-day activities.

Worth the Wait-Takes Longer to Go into Effect than Dysport - Scottsdale, AZ - Was going to a nurse practioner which was alright but then I met Dr. Holden. His specialized and very extensive knowledge of the facial muscles proved to give me much more precise and accurate injections. Never have any unwanted muscle movements after he injects me (which I have had happen to me in the past). Besides that, he is just a great and caring doctor. With him, your face is in excellent hands!

S. RealSelf

Passionate About His Work - Scottsdale, AZ - As a fellow physician, I know how important it is that a doctor is not only well trained, but also passionate about their work. Dr. Holden graduated from one of the best facial plastic surgery fellowships in the country. His training is quite impressive, but it is also evident that he truly loves what he does which translates into quality results and an amazing bedside manner. He takes the time to thoroughly explain the procedures, risks, benefits, and alternatives. I never felt pressured into a procedure, but did receive adequate guidance and information from Dr. Holden to make an educated decision. I opted to have Ultherapy, laser resurfacing, botox, and fillers. I'm thrilled with the results! Dr. Holden was able to take years off my face through minimally invasive means. I would highly recommend him.

F. RealSelf

46 Year Old in Need of "Refreshing" - Scottsdale, AZ - As I aforementioned, Dr. Holden is the ONLY doctor I trust my face with. Period. He is a skilled artist, yet personable with a caring bedside manner.

K. RealSelf

I have had multiple procedures done with Dr. Holden throughout the last year: blepharoplasties, laser resurfacing, botox, fillers...I think that the negative comments on Dr. Holden are laughable because he is one of the best doctors that I have visited in Scottsdale. I have consulted with many and some just seem like robots, you can tell they are not really enjoying their work. You have no idea what a REALLY bad doctor is like: I have one that always has a 45 min to 2 hour wait and he is almost completely inaccessible, doesn't have to time to listen or care(he had to redo my surgery bc he didn't follow directions)-and all that with about 6 staff there running around uselessly! I have found that many offices with a lot of staff=less personal attention as you seem to spend more time with these 20 year old "patient consultants" than the doctor and you just become another case number. Unfortuneately for the rest of my body, Dr. Holden only specializes in above the neck so I have to have another doctor for other things. Although I know that he would have done a better job then my other plastic surgeon who has over 15 years experience! Dr. Holden is quite the opposite of this other doctor I mentioned with his quality over quantity attitude. And he actually cares about you and doesn't overbook himself and takes his time with his patients. You can tell by his attentiveness and optimistic attitude that he does what he does to help people in a positive way and that he is passionate about what he does. He is knowledgeable with any questions you may have and he is a very caring surgeon with a supportive and always encouraging attitude that as a healing patient you really need from your doctor. He has the highly detailed artistic skills(not all doctors have it!) combined with his vast knowledge of the technical aspects that make him an excellent plastic surgeon. Dr. Holden never hesitates to address any emergencies or concerns and I will continue to go to him for years to come as I age gracefully-with his help:)

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Facelift at 62 So Worth It! - I'm 62 and I've had a weak jawline all of my life. I've wanted a lower facelift for decades. I hated my profile. I worked really hard to take pictures to hide that, but it's all I ever saw. I never wore turtlenecks, or draping fabric around my neck, or choker necklaces because I thought it emphasized the least favorite part of my face. I've done fillers and botox for at least 10 years, and...

D. RealSelf


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What to Expect

Immediately following a series of BOTOX injections, there will be some mild swelling and redness at the injection site. This will subside a few hours after the procedure. Patients can resume their normal activities immediately, but exercise should be avoided for a few hours. It is also recommended that patients keep their heads elevated for the first 8-10 hours. Results following BOTOX will become apparent within 4-7 days. About a week after treatment, patients will notice an inability to fully move portions of their forehead. With limited movement, wrinkles will cease to appear. The result is skin that appears smooth and soft.

Am I a Candidate for BOTOX?

Patients who prefer a nonsurgical option to relax Crow's feet, forehead wrinkles, or frown lines may be prime candidates for BOTOX at Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons. This can also be a great aesthetic option if you are experiencing obvious glabellar lines ("11" lines between the eyes) that lead to a tired or older facial appearance. BOTOX has grown in favor among younger adults, as well. Even though patients between the ages of 20 – 30 may not yet exhibit the early signs of aging, BOTOX may be used as a preventive treatment to fend off the natural aging process by temporarily minimizing or slowing the proliferation of facial lines.

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Is It Safe?

BOTOX is approved by the FDA and has a long, safe history. It is administered in over 75 countries and consistently ranks as the most popular cosmetic procedure in America. However, even with its popularity, BOTOX is a drug and should only be administered by a qualified medical practitioner. Individuals who receive injections by someone inexperienced run the added risk of bruising, over medicating and ultimately, obtaining an undesirable result. 

Comparable Medication?

In 2009, BOTOX gained competition when Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA) was developed, approved by the FDA, and made available to the general public. Both drugs are used to relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles and frown lines. Some practices lean towards BOTOX to address forehead lines, while considering Dysport for crow’s feet. There has been much debate as to which drug is superior. Both have their advantages. Some distinct differences can be discussed during your consultation.  

Botox or Filler?

Injectable fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm and Perlane help decrease wrinkles by adding volume to certain facial structures, which creates the appearance of smooth skin. BOTOX, which temporarily freezes the underlying muscle, offers a similar result, with a different approach. A skilled practitioner will be able to determine if a filler material or a product like BOTOX would garner the best results.  

Best Age?

Individuals who wish to soften and decrease facial lines and wrinkles may be candidates for BOTOX. The most common age to receive BOTOX injections is between 30-55. However, it is also common for patients younger and older to receive injections.  

Long Lasting?

BOTOX is not a permanent fix. Results will last for several months - sometimes longer - but they will not last forever. Qualified injectors will tell you there is good news and bad news when it comes to BOTOX. The good news is, if you are not happy with your results, the results will only last a few months. Likewise, the bad news is, if you love your results (which most people do), the results will only last a few months.  Regardless, many patients recognize even the temporary results are worth feeling and looking younger. 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.