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Septoplasty Overview

In cases of nasal obstruction, the surgeons at Scottsdale Plastic Surgeons can perform a procedure called a septoplasty to improve your nasal air flow. Septoplasty is a nose surgery that corrects a deviated nasal septum (a thick band of fibrous tissue and bone that separates the two nasal passages). The nasal septum is an important structure within the nose. While planning the treatment with a board-certified surgeon nasal specialist like Dr. Paul Holden, you will discuss all of your symptoms such as breathing difficulties, the physical structure and features of your nose.

Septoplasty Surgical Technique

Septoplasty surgery is performed through an incision made inside the nostril. The tissue covering the septum is lifted and separated so that a clear view of the inside of the nose can be achieved and the bone and cartilage assessed. During the procedure, the deviated structures are removed or reshaped to correct the issue, while at the same time preserving the shape of the nose. The incision is closed with sutures. As part of the post-operative preparation, the surgeon usually places a splint or soft plastic sheets inside the nose to help reduce scar tissue and to help align the septum as it heals. Nose packing may be used in some cases to control bleeding.

Septoplasty Expected Cost

Septoplasty is a customized procedure that varies by patient, deepening on what their physical needs are. The average costs for this surgery can average between $2,000-$5,000.

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Septoplasty FAQs

Breathing Issues Only?

Some patients will choose to have Septoplasty to help alleviate symptoms of a deviated septum. However, many of these patients like the look of their nose and thus are worried that surgery will change this. While this surgery does aim to correct medical problems, it can alter the appearance of the nose just slightly—depending on how much cartilage is lost or if a graft is used to rebuild a portion of the bone. It is important to go to an experienced nose surgeon so that any visible change are natural and subtle. 

What Causes This?

Some individuals are born with a deviated septum, and for many, the symptoms worsen as they age. Experts believe that birth trauma is a cause of this condition; trauma later in life such as an injury is also a cause. The majority of the adult population has a deviated septum, but only a small percentage of those adults have symptoms severe enough for surgery.

Plastic Surgeon or Head and ne

Head and neck surgeons are specially skilled to perform Septoplasty. An otolaryngologist can perform the septoplasty as well as improve the physical appearance with a rhinoplsty. Plastic surgeons are trained to change the nose according to patient desire but not to perform septoplsty. It’s important to note that if a plastic surgeon does not perform a lot of rhinoplasties, then patients should consider finding a new nose surgeon. The septum plays a critical role in rhinoplasty. A plastic surgeon with distinct nose surgery experience will understand this importance and thus be able to perform the surgery for both function and aesthetics.

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